“Innovation in Healthcare” Design sprint


In September 2023, the North Estonia Medical Centre hosted a five-day design sprint in collaboration with the Estonian Academy of Arts (EKA). Students from the Nordic and Baltic countries, including three SDSI participants, collaborated with the Social Design master’s students from EKA. This intensive initiative saw four student teams tackling challenges within the hospital: addressing the role of nurses in the operation centre, raising awareness about sexual health, improving hand hygiene, and ensuring privacy for neurosurgery patients.

Through comprehensive research involving department visits, interviews, and observations, students delved into existing processes, resulting in innovative prototypes and proposals. From virtual reality simulations for nurse recruitment to interactive online guides for STD testing and a gamified ‘Bakteriball' (The Gala of Bacteria) program boosting hand hygiene awareness, diverse perspectives enriched the sprint. Supported by esteemed lecturers and healthcare professionals, this collaboration marked a significant leap forward in practical healthcare transformations, emphasizing crucial aspects of patient care, staff well-being, and public health awareness.

Jörn Frenzel, Karolina Lehtma, Siiri Heinaru, Helen Staak, Daniel Kotsjuba
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