Exploring the Wellbeing of Seniors

We proudly unveil three projects developed by the students during the 2022/2023 study year. Rooted in the core principles of service design, these projects were meticulously crafted as part of the "Service Design Basics" course, which posed a global challenge centered around enhancing the wellbeing of seniors.

Throughout the first semester of their studies, students embarked on a collaborative journey, working in teams to conceptualize and develop these transformative projects. Acting as an encompassing umbrella, the "Service Design Basics" course guided their progress, ensuring a holistic approach to every stage of the service design process.

To validate their solutions, prototypes were meticulously tested with real-life audiences, including both seniors and college students from Kuldīga, Latvia. Valuable feedback gathered during these trials informed further refinements, culminating in the outcomes showcased before you today.

Contributions from various other course units enriched the students' projects, equipping them with a diverse range of tools and insights. Social research, facilitation and co-creation, information architecture, technology, writing and content design, storytelling, visual communication, and presentation techniques—these fields of study all interwove to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of service design's multidisciplinary nature.

We extend our deepest gratitude to the lecturers who guided and mentored the budding service designers: Zeynep Falay von Flittner (FI), Tanel Kärp (EE), Nesli Hazal Oktay (EE), Maija Rozenfelde (LV), Līga Lētiņa (LV), Ilze Kundziņa(LV), Kristaps Pētersons (LV), Renārs Vimba (LV), Iveta Cīrule (LV), Raitis Linde (LV), and Krišjānis Určs (LV).


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