SDSI – an Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters

SDSI – an Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters

We have magnificent news! In September 2022 the SDSI consortium signed a Grant Agreement with the European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA). Starting with the study year 2023/2024, SDSI becomes an Erasmus Mundus Joint Master’s programme

When speaking about the meaning of Erasmus Mundus status, we like to emphasize the following two aspects. 

First, it is a sign of quality and recognition. Erasmus Mundus programmes are being evaluated by the European Commission and only some are selected and deemed worthy of the status. Programme is designed so that it corresponds the labor market trends, its curriculum map is coherently organized and learning outcomes well aligned, the study process takes place at least in 3 countries for the duration of at least one semester in each location, and many other criteria. The quality of the programme is also continuously enhanced by its students – only the best and most motivated candidates are admitted to the programme, and thus the internal dynamics within the class becomes an inspiring and motivating experience. 

Second, the EU co-funding that comes with the Grant Agreement, allows for the following student benefits:

  • around 20 best students annually can be awarded scholarships of 1400 EUR/ month for the study duration;
  • even if the candidate is not awared the scholarship, the EU co-funding allows for a 50%  tuition fee waiver for SDSI students originating from Europe; 
  • studies will take you to 3 countries / 3 study locations during the two-year study process: Latvia, Finland, Estonia;
  • impressive geographical diversity of the students, internal dynamics and cultural experience, and an opportunity to strengthen the feeling of belonging to European values.

Keep in mind: SDSI is a full time on-site study programme. Distance learning is not an option!

If you want to become a versatile professional with an agile mindset, and later in your career path contribute to innovative and socially responsible service organizations, don’t miss your chance and study with SDSI! 

Apply during February 01-28, 2023, and learn more about the application process here!