First study year has started

First study year has started

Who doesn't like to play games? now I recognize it as auniversal language, one that regardless of the individual's background ornationality, we all speak.

Lots of laughs, exploration, and insights made successfulthe kick-off week for the SD-SI Master's students, who met on the 4th of Octoberto officially begin the new academic year.

The students gathered in the Latvian town of Kuldiga,surrounded by its charming architecture, which at instants feels as travelingthrough time, and middle of beauty enhanced by the colors of the Latvian goldenautumn, typical from this time of the year. To have their first immersion tothe Service Design strategies and innovations (SD-SI) guided by internationalexperts working in this field.

If there would be a way to summarize it or define it intowords, I could just say that it was an insights changing experience.

Between games, fun, spontaneity, and lots of interesting newperspectives to innovation. From advertisement to anthropology and primatology,we learned ways in which humans relate to each other and express themselves.

Jonathan Howard pushed the boundaries of what would bedefined as a creative seminar, to see the human innate potential to create andarticulate something out of the ideation coming from their unique way toperceive the world.

And in conclusion, we may all be more playful and enjoy thejourney towards any goal since the moment of achievement is much shorter thanthe path that brought us to it.

Author - Roxana Muñoz Aristizabal