We work with start-ups, enterprises, not-for-profit and government organisations.

Does your organisation have internship positions to offer the SDSI students and graduates?

Contact us and we will include your offer in the SDSI’s internship list!

Become a guest lecturer or share your experience with SDSI students.

Contact us if you are interested in sharing your industry knowledge; providing guest lectures, internships or work experiences for students; or recruiting our talented students for your organisation. 

Send your employees to separate walk-in courses.

We provide training packages for your employees, such as walk-in training for our courses that are awarded with certificates (your HR team may need this opportunity to motivate upskilling amongst your team).

  • select the course you are interested in from the SDSI Walk-in course catalogue vol.1;
  • apply via email;
  • join the existing SDSI class of full-time students (Thu-Sat 09:30-13:30) and carry out the independent assignments;
  • after a successful course completion you will receive a certificate from the Art Academy of Latvia;
  • language of instruction – English;
  • No. of walk-in participants is limited.

SDSI Spring semester 2022 is all around business domain, specifically tailored for the purposes of service design and managing service organizations. These courses are delivered by the lecturers from the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga. Later, in the Fall 2022 semester, a new walk-in course content will follow, including such courses as service design basics, visual communication, facilitation, service design and technology and many more.

Design services for your organisation

This can be through case studies, experimentation with students in areas of social research, participating in innovation labs, advanced project collaboration in our M11 and M12 courses, or our exciting summer schools.  


Help develop the SDSI masters program and industry research.

Work with us!

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